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Subject: Be the wave...

1.  Be the wave...

Posted 01-13-2017 14:30

CAAPC Anesthesiologists and MGL Anesthesiology Residents:

For those of you interested in helping to craft the medical profession’s legislative and policy agenda affecting patient care, both locally and nationally, I want to draw your attention to what I refer to as the primordial grassroots incubator… presenting and adopting resolutions at the MSMS House of Delegates which meets annually in the spring. Any MSMS member may submit a resolution in writing.

If you need any guidance, you may contact me or either of Ingham County’s two District Directors, Amit Ghose, MD, or David Walsworth, MD, To get an idea as to how the sausage is made, take note of “Who sets MSMS policy? You do!” included in this week’s MSMS Medigram.

Kenneth Elmassian D.O.
Past President, Michigan State Medical Society
Past President, Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists
Capital Area Anesthesiologists, PC
Lansing MI